Existing Indian Democratic System is Sheerly a Fraud  

   (Based on Human Rights in order to set-up a REAL/PRISTINE Democratic System in India.)
            Proposed By Anti Democratic Council Of India 
                               (3)  That Hon’ble President of India was well made aware by a letter dated 4.2.89, with the 
                                     fact that the P.M. of  India is unable to provide bread, clothes and shelter to a poor citizen 
                                     of this country that after repeat reminders the petitioner got a reply from Rastrapati 
                                     Bhawan vide letter No. 100P-11/7/89 dt. 13.3.89 and 684-P-11/2/89 dt. 25.2.89, the 
                                     said  reply from Rastrapati Bhavan consumed 21s days, more particularly  when 
                                     the matter  was for imminent  reply for a poor citizen was going to commit an offence or 
                                    suicide on account of poverty.                                                                               




                              (4)  That the Hon’ble President of India, had also avoided to take any action in regard to a 

                                     citizen's  letters whereby; he had expressly expressed to commit suicide or an offence

                                     due to poverty, due   to lack of shelter clothes and food and thus the Hon’ble President

                                     of India shirked from his responsibility by way of addressing a letter to the Chief

                                     Secretary, Uttar Pradesh vide letter No. 100-P-11/7/89 and 684 P-11/2/89.  Due to

                                     the very method of working a  various functionaries of concerned authorities of India

                                    , has completely lost his petitioner's  faith in the existing  democratic setup of India.    


                              (5)  That the petitioner, on an information received from Rastrapatiji  through a letter

                                     Dt. 18.3.89 had requested the Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh that prompt action may

                                     very kindly be taken to remove poverty, unemployment , shelter to live. 


                               (6)  That the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh informed the petitioner vide his letter No. 1/433

                                     dt. 28.6.89 and 1/230 dt. 28.6.89 only after a lapse of period 40 days, that your case is

                                     under consideration and the same  has been referred to the District Magistrate Kanpur,

                                     for  necessary action.   It is very much surprising  when   the Rastrapatiji and Chief

                                    Secretary of U. P. Was made well aware through a letter, has declared  that   for  want

                                    of bread, clothes and shelter, a citizen of India is going to commit an offence or self

                                      immolation, despite that no quick action was taken. What else could a bigger shock

                                    and helplessness in democratic setup of a countryAnd  therefore the petitioner has 

                                     lost a complete faith in Democratic System of India.

                                                                                                                                 ( Letter of Chief Secretary U.P. ) 



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