Existing Indian Democratic System is Sheerly a Fraud  
   (Based on Human Rights in order to set-up a REAL/PRISTINE Democratic System in India.)    
         Proposed By Anti Democratic Council Of India 
                               6.   That the petitioner has requested again to the District Officer, Kanpur for
                             doing the  needful. The petitioner after receiving no reply from the District
                            Officer announce in Press that he will commit self  emulation before the Sansad 
                            Bhawan, New Delhi.  Though protected by the police the petitioner  managed to 
                            reach Delhi.  But one of the officers of the office of the President has told  him
                            that the  needful will be done.  The petitioner thereafter approached the High
                           Court of Allahabad.  However  the writ petitioner filed by the petitioner was
                           rejected on 16.8.1991 in C.M.W.P No. 25132 of true copy of the same is fill 
                           as Annexure 1st 1990.The petitioner therefore has no other remedy except to
                           approach this Hon’ble Court on the following amongst other grounds:-
                         I. That the Hon’ble High Court has not given justice to the petitioner after             
                             keeping the petition  pending  for 10 months. 
                        II.  That the Hon’ble High Court has not even considered that when the notice was
                                   issued no Counter Affidavit was filed to the  fact raised/disputed by the petitioner 
                              in the main writ  petition before the  High Court.
                              III. That the Hon’ble High Court held that petitioner has no right to get clothing, 
                              food, and shelter in this Democratic country, as these have not yet been 
                              recognized as a fundamental right in the Democratic India.  
                        IV.  The High Court has further held that in this democratic country so far no statute 
                                       has  been introduce to confer a  legal right to any person  even if he                            
                                      is doing or ready to do self emulation or to do some crime but he can not
                                     claim any employment, food clothing or  shelter.
                               V.  That the Hon’ble High Court has stated that to provide bread, shelter, food etc.
                              are only a political solution as in  our Constitution and Penal Code the Citizen 
                                     can not claim such right.                                                         
                              VI.  That the Hon’ble High Court to some extend agreed with the petitioner and in the
                               conclusion stated that the petitioner is advised to seek his remedy elsewhere 
                               without stating who and where is such "elsewhere”. 
                          That in the circumstances, stated above, the petitioner, therefore, most respectfully
                                  prayed that your Lordships may be most graciously pleased to grant special Leave    
                           to Appeal to the petitioner against the Judgment and order dated  16.8.91 of the High
                           Court of Allahabad at Allahabad in C.M.W.P.No. 25132 of 1990 and pass such 
                       other or further order  or orders as may be deemed fit and proper.
                           BOUND SHALL   FOR EVER PRAY.
                           FILED ON: 10.12.91                                                        Filed by
                                                                                                                                         (Thomas Jacob)

                                                                                                                                      Petitioner in person


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